# MMI 1 x 4 power splitter

Optical power splitters are essential components in integrated photonics. Power splitters based on multimode interference (MMI) device are easy to fabricate and can achieve low excess loss as well as large bandwidth. Although the design of a MMI power splitter is based on the self-imaging principle, fine-tuning the geometric parameters with accurate and fast numerical simulations is crucial to achieving optimal device performance.

This example aims to demonstrate the design and optimization of 1 to 4 MMI device at telecom wavelength for power splitting applications. The initial design is adapted from D. Malka, Y. Danan, Y. Ramon, Z. Zalevsky, A Photonic 1 x 4 Power Splitter Based on Multimode Interference in Silicon–Gallium-Nitride Slot Waveguide Structures. Materials. 9, 516 (2016) (opens new window).

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