# Compact polarization splitter-rotator

Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) devices are known to be polarization sensitive. Devices that can manipulate the polarization of light are important components of an integrated photonic system.

This model demonstrates the design of a compact polarization splitter-rotator that consists of an adiabatic waveguide tapper and an asymmetric directional coupler. When the TM0 mode is launched at the input end, it is efficiently converted into the TE1 mode at the tapper and then coupled to the TE0 mode at the narrow waveguide through the directional coupler. When the TE0 mode is launched at the input end, it propagates through the tapper without polarization change and coupling to the narrow waveguide. That is, the TE and TM polarizations are separated by this device and the output is always TE polarization, as schematically shown below. This model is based on Daoxin Dai and John E. Bowers, “Novel concept for ultracompact polarization splitter-rotator based on silicon nanowires,” Opt. Express 19, 10940-10949 (2011) (opens new window).

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