# THz integrated demultiplexer/filter based on ring resonator

Wireless communication technology has been experiencing rapid development to satisfy the ever growing need for higher data transmission speed. The current 5G network has been harnessing the power of microwave and mm wave. The future generations of wireless communication clearly points to even higher frequencies, entering the THz territory.

Inspired by the advancement of integrated photonics at telecom wavelength, integrated THz technology is a promising candidate for future mass production of compact THz communication devices. This model aims to demonstrate the modeling of a silicon-based THz demultiplexer/filter, which is a crucial component in a high-speed integrated THz communication system. The device utilizes a ring resonator structure similar to a typical ring resonator used in a telecom integrated circuit. It achieves <1.5 dB transmission loss and 3 GHz free spectral range. The design of the device is adapted from Deng, W. et al. On‐Chip Polarization‐ and Frequency‐Division Demultiplexing for Multidimensional Terahertz Communication. Laser Photon. Rev. 16, 2200136 (2022) (opens new window).

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