# Waveguide crossing based on cosine tapers

To achieve a high integration density on a photonic chip, efficient routing of light with low loss using compact junctions is necessary. Therefore, waveguide crossings are crucial building blocks in high performance integrated circuits.

This example model demonstrates the simulation of a waveguide crossing based on cosine tapers. The convex cosine taper focuses the guided mode at the center of the crossing junction. This ensures the light is efficiently transmitted into the through port instead of scattered into the cross ports. The device achieves an insertion loss of ~0.2 dB and crosstalk ~-30 dB in the O-band (1260 nm -1360 nm). The design is adapted from Sujith Chandran, et al. "Beam shaping for ultra-compact waveguide crossings on monolithic silicon photonics platform," Opt. Lett. 45, 6230-6233 (2020) (opens new window).

To view the full example in Python, please click here (opens new window).